As a responsible organisation, we are committed to adopting an increasingly sustainable approach to the management of our business.  This commitment is set out in our corporate responsibility policy, which summarises our approach to customers, health and safety, employees, community, environment, supply chain and general business conduct.

Our aim is to act responsibly and with the highest standards of integrity at all times, observing the spirit, not simply the letter, of laws and regulations applicable to our business, ensuring we have effective systems of internal control and respecting the human rights of all those who we deal with.

To ensure we deliver on these commitments, we have in place systems to manage various aspects of our wider economic, social and environmental impacts.  We have invested heavily in our quality management programme and have accredited management systems relating to quality, environment and health and safety.  We also manage other aspects of our corporate responsibility performance, including training, development and supplier engagement.

We also report on progress and promote both internally and externally the importance of corporate responsibility.


Our aim is to strive for the highest levels of client satisfaction by providing exceptional service, delivering on time and to budget, in a manner consistent with our commitment to quality.

Through our Building Partnerships philosophy, our clients are at the centre of everything we achieve.  We want to exceed their expectations, building partnerships with them in order to develop long-term relationships.

This approach has allowed us to develop an impressive client list in both the public and private sectors.  We now have many blue-chip clients and have invested heavily in service innovation, our people and information technology to ensure we can continue to meet their needs.  Our commitment to quality was recognised in 2005, when we achieved certification to the international quality standard: ISO9001.  


  • Strives to achieve client satisfaction by providing exceptional service and continuous improvement
  • Is committed to the highest levels of quality, health, safety and environmental performance
  • Always provides suitably qualified, trained and experienced personnel
  • Uses effective business planning techniques, project management and cost controls to deliver on time and to budget
  • Adopts clear performance measures to quantify service delivery
  • Is committed to innovation and developing best practice in the markets it which we operate
  • Seeks to establish clear lines of communication and team working with clients to achieve a through understanding of their needs
  • Provides a high level of after sales service
  • Implements effective systems of internal control, accounting practice and governance in order to safeguard assets and financial stability, ensuring continuity of service to clients
  • Seeks to operate with integrity and manage our wider economic, social and environmental performance

Health & Safety

Our aim is to maintain safe and healthy workplaces, taking a preventative approach by operating safe working practices to protect our clients, employees and the public.

Health and safety is a top priority for Stobbarts.  Not only do we operate in a business sector with a high rate of accidents and injury, we also work in a number of safety critical environments within the nuclear industry.  Strict adherence to our health and safety policy and all related procedures is expected of every employee.

Our health and safety programme is designed to encourage a culture that recognises that maintaining safe and healthy workplaces is crucial to our success.  This behaviour-based approach places employees at the centre of managing health and safety by recognising that each individual has a key role to play in protecting their own wellbeing.  Our programme was further enhanced when we achieved certification to the occupational health and safety standard: OHSAS18001.


  • Ensures strict compliance with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice, client directives and regulations
  • Provides continual verbal and visual communications by all managerial and supervisory personnel with all employees, sub-contractors, licensees and others involved, on their strict compliance with the provision of the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act.
  • Senior member of staff on site will act as supervisor and advise and report regularly to the Senior Supervisors/Directors regarding the safety and welfare standards on site.  
  • Safety Advisors will advise, visit, inspect and report to Managers up to and including Directors on site health, safety and welfare.
  • Directors will consider these reports and will cause action upon their recommendations or advice where necessary.
  • Seeks to lessen the risk of harm to employees and members of the public from processes and activities associated with the Company.
  • Will set specific objectives and targets that are monitored during management and contract review meetings.


Our aim is to create a workplace culture that is open and innovative, where everyone is treated with equality and understanding and is encouraged to learn from experience and obtain relevant skills through training and development.

Our employees are essential in helping us to create a successful business.  In return, we want to offer our staff rewarding career opportunities.  Over the past five years, our workforce has grown considerably and we now employ over 250 people.  Our commitment to our employees was recognised in 2004, when we achieved Investors in People (IiP) accreditation.  IiP is a national standard for the management of people and requires accredited organisations to develop their workforce to improve performance.

Our policy is always to provide suitably qualified, trained and experienced personnel.  We, therefore, invest significant resource in training and development to ensure our employees are competent to undertake the roles they are performing.


  • Seeks to create a workplace culture that is open and innovative, where everyone is both client focused and performance orientated
  • Explains to employees the nature of our activities, business performance and the purpose of individual jobs
  • Encourages employees at all levels to learn from experience and obtain relevant skills through training and development
  • Ensures our employee benefit package is in line with market conditions and sustainable by our business performance
  • Aims to provide secure jobs; however, recognising the changing nature of the business environment will plan recruitment responsibly and always inform employees, as far as we are able, on employment prospects
  • Seeks to provide a clean, healthy and safe work environment in line with best practice
  • Recruits and promotes employees on their suitability for the job, without discrimination
  • Will look favourably on requests to work flexibly, subject to the needs of the business being met
  • Has a procedure to deal with grievances and disputes
  • Recognises the right of employees to be members of trades unions


Supply Chain

Our aim is to build relationships with our suppliers based on trust, which are to our mutual advantage and that encourages them to collaborate with us to better meet the needs of our clients.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our Building Partnerships philosophy, helping us to fulfil our clients’ needs.  We, therefore, seek to promote collaboration through our supply chain by building relationships based on mutual trust.  Reflecting the long-term partnership agreements we have established with our clients, we have also entered into a number of similar agreements with our suppliers.  


  • Makes available written terms of business
  • Undertakes to pay our suppliers on time, according to agreed terms of trade
  • Uses effective business planning techniques when estimating orders
  • Seeks to establish clear lines of communication with suppliers
  • Treat all information relating to supplier pricing as confidential and will not divulge such information to alternative providers in an attempt to undercut costs


Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate, while minimising any disturbance caused by our operations.

We are proud of our record of corporate citizen and look to make a positive contribution by playing an active part in the communities in which we operate.  

We sponsor and promote a number of local sporting, community and cultural activities.  We also regularly visit local schools to highlight the dangers of playing on construction sites.


  • Protects the health and safety of the wider community by maintaining safe working practices
  • Safeguards and enhances the natural environment within which we operate
  • Strives to be a good corporate neighbour by minimising any disturbance caused by our operations and takes into account the concerns of the wider community
  • Seeks to contribute to the prosperity of the communities we operate within by using local workforces and suppliers wherever we can
  • Sympathetically considers requests by employees to participate in community and civic affairs
  • Contributes financially and in kind to the communities we serve


Our aim is to measure the impact our business has on the environment and minimise the adverse effects of our activities, while positively contributing to environmental improvement.

As a business, we recognise that all our commercial activities have an impact on the environment.  To help manage our performance and to help us minimise the adverse effects of our operations, we have in place an environmental management system.  This is certified to the international environmental standard: ISO14001.  

Our management system helps us undertake our activities in an environmentally responsible way, by requiring us to assess the environmental risks posed by our various projects, put in place clear objectives and set targets.  

We also have a series of operating procedures designed to ensure that environmental factors are incorporated into our day-to-day activities.  To support this process, we have trained a number of employees as lead environmental auditors, who carry out inspections to provide assurance and measure performance

Where possible, we monitor our energy and fuel usage with a view to reducing consumption through good house keeping and investment in more efficient equipment.  We have recently installed new energy efficient IT equipment and have put in place an office recycling scheme.  As part of out role as principal contractor, we ensure that a site specific environmental plan is in place prior to commencement of works; amongst other things, this will include reference to working procedures, waste management plan, incident plans and site drainage.  


  • Monitors, measures and reports on environmental impacts of the business
  • Will reduce the adverse environmental impacts arising from our operations
  • Integrates environmental objectives into the everyday management of our business