Stobbarts provides a wide range of construction related services throughout Cumbria and the North West of England.

These services include building, civil engineering, facilities management, demolition, ground works, term contracts, formwork, joinery and responsive repairs and maintenance.

Due to our commitment to delivering exceptional value and service we have developed an enviable reputation for innovation, quality and cost control.  This reputation has seen our business grow rapidly.

Much of our success has been based on our ‘Building Partnerships’ strategy, where we aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients and collaborate with our supply chain to achieve the highest levels of quality, health, safety and environmental performance.  This approach has seen us enter into a number of long-term partnership agreements with clients, which now form the core of our business.

Operating Philosophy

Our ‘Building Partnerships’ philosophy places our clients at the centre of everything we try to achieve.  

Increasingly, we aim to develop relationships with our clients based on the principles of partnering.  This requires a commitment to a long-term relationship, with clear objectives and a willingness to collaborate and share information to promote continuous improvement.

This approach has allowed us to develop an impressive client list in both the public and private sectors.  We now have many blue-chip clients and have invested heavily in management system, service innovation, our people and information technology to ensure we can continue to meet their needs.

 Stobbarts’ reputation and the trust of those whom we deal with are vital to our continued success.  We, therefore, are committed to:

  • achieving client satisfaction by providing exceptional service and continuous improvement
  • delivering the highest levels of quality, health, safety and environmental performance
  • providing suitably qualified, trained and experienced personnel
  • using effective business planning techniques, project management and cost controls to deliver on time and to budget
  • adopting clear performance measures to quantify service delivery
  • innovation and developing best practice in the markets it which we operate
  • establishing clear lines of communication and team working with clients to achieve a thorough understanding of their needs
  • providing a high level of after sales service
  • operating with integrity and manage our wider economic, social and environmental performance

Our suppliers are an integral part of our Building Partnerships philosophy, helping us to fulfil our clients’ needs.  We, therefore, seek to promote collaboration through our supply chain by building relationships based on mutual trust.  Reflecting the long-term partnership agreements we have established with our clients, we have also entered into a number of similar agreements with our suppliers.  

We have developed a network of preferred supply-chain partners who we work closely with, sharing our expertise to help them reach a wider market.  We continue to enter into agreements with a wide range of specialist providers to broaden the services and technical abilities we can offer our clients.

All our approved supply-chain partners are regularly assessed to ensure they maintain their technical competence and are able to meet our exacting standards in relation to quality, health & safety and environmental protection.  If you would be interested in joining our approved supply-chain partner network, please contact us for further information on our assessment criteria and screening process.